Short Life?

I don't think I was supposed to live long. For some strange reason, I never truly believed I would. I remember reaching age 30 and thinking, "Wow! I can't believe I made it passed age 16."

Several reasons for my thinking:

1) My father told me about a time when I nearly drown but he or someone (maybe him, not sure) saved me. I don't really remember this incidence at all.

2) I do remember as a child playing at the water's edge with a new found friend. We were jumping over waves, (though, I believe we were at a lake) holding each other's hand. We kept getting a little deeper and a little deeper. I never sensed any danger. The next thing I knew, I woke up on the shoulders of a very tall man--seemed almost overwhelming. (At least at that age he seemed so.) I never saw his face, but he gave me back to my thankful dad.

3) I was walking down the street at age 7-8, I think, when a car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road in front of me. He asked me for directions and I told him best I could. He said he couldn't hear me very well and would I come closer. Now, back then you didn't hear even whispers of child molesters. Though, I'm sure they existed--always have. An inner voice told me to run and believe me, I did! I'll always believe that man meant me harm--no doubt about it!

4) Well, I guess I have to tell you first that growing up I was a major tomboy! So, when I tell you I was on top of the roof of the house next door, you'll believe me. What I was up there doing up on the roof only the Lord knows. I think a storm had knocked over a tree next to our house and so, since it was there, I just hopped up and climbed up onto our neighbor's roof!

I remember losing my footing and falling backward--hitting the ground hard! I lay there for what seemed forever with no breath whatsoever. At first I felt only frantic panic, then peace. I lay there wondering when the angels would come and get me. I think I called out to God since it was useless trying to call out to anyone else. Any bodily movement or function was physically suspended--I was completely paralyized! Miraculously, my breath returned and I was able to run off and play.

5) At age 13, my dad had taken a bunch of us kids to a local swimming pond. One of my friends was a rather large girl. I could swim by this time so I was pretty confident. My friend got into trouble not too far away from me. I reached out to help her and the next thing I know she was on my back pushing me down beneath her. I guess it's true what they say about your life passing before your eyes because that indeed happened to me. Nothing major to speak of, but I did relive the events surrounding President Kennedy's assassination. Then, nothing.

I think I may have started to panic, but then the fear actually left me. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to die. I looked up and saw light swirling through the water--almost tunnel-like. I heard a voice speak to me and say, "Go all the way down to the bottom of the hole (I didn't know there was a hole!) and then make a strong push upward." (Looking back this voice somehow calmed me, like "Fear not"!)

I did exactly as the voice told me and in the pushing my friend was physically knocked off my shoulders and back into safer waters. I was able to swim to safety.

I think what stuck me most about this even was that I really didn't have anything to show for my life. That was more upsetting than the potential drowning.

There have been plenty of "near misses" since then. All I can say is that God and His holy angels were and are watching over me. Can't wait until I reach "home" to find out how many times God intervened in my behalf! To Him be the glory forever!